Lin Chi-ling selling her original bra for NT$100,000

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Although Taiwanese model Lin Chi-ling is past 40 years old, she is still a goddess in many men’s hearts. Recently, Chi-ling took up challenging questions from fans and even revealed her selling price for her “original bra”.

When a male fan asked Chi-ling how much she was selling her “original bra”, Chi-ling immediately said, “NT$10,000.”

When she was reminded that the price was too cheap, Chi-ling changed her reply and said,”NT$100,000!”

Chi-ling also openly revealed that she took about 30 minutes to an hour to bath everyday, and every parts of her body would be washed “very detailed.”

Asked if she had anyone in mind for sexual fantasy, Chi-ling said no and joked, “It sounds so pathetic, isn’t it?”

She was also asked if she had loved her rumoured boyfriends, Jerry Yan and businessman Qiu Shi Kai. She gave a clever reply and said, “Everyone has a past.”

Source: Apple Daily

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