Linda Chung does not believe that boyfriend will pee publicly

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Yesterday, Linda Chung, together with Bosco Wong and Christine Kuo attended the opening ceremony of Food Republic in Hong Kong. Linda’s boyfriend, Philip Ng was earlier reported to pee publicly on the street with Vanness Wu.

Linda dismissed the report and did not believe that Philip would do such a thing. “I heard about the report. Vanness and my friend (Philip) are Christians and love to pray together. When you are praying, your hands will usually do this. (demonstrating hands together at the lower body) Praying is like that. He wont’t do such a thing on the street!”

Linda has just returned from her vacation in Canada and United States. She said that she felt rather awkward as her siblings all went with their partners. Asked why she did not ask Philip along, Linda said, “I always prefer to travel alone.”

Has Linda’s parents met up with Philip?

Linda replied, “Not yet! (Why?) I don’t know but I am a slow person. It’s better to take it slowly and not rush into such thing.”


Source: Ming Pao, Oriental Daily 

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