Linda Chung does not mind losing lucrative endorsement deal to Kate Tsui

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Hong Kong magazines reported that Kate Tsui has replaced Linda Chung as new spokesperson for a slimming centre. Although losing a lucrative deal, Linda said that she was alright being dropped off as the spokesperson.

Linda said, “I saw the report. If I am not happy with the advertiser, I will not work with them for three years. I had a good relationship with the advertiser and understand that they are having a new campaign. It’s normal to change a spokesperson.”

In the new advertisement, Kate was dressed in a revealing bikini and was said to be flaunting her busty figure. Linda defended Kate and said that the photo was healthy.

“Kate is beautiful in the photo. The word that the magazine used just turn a healthy image into something else.”

Asked if she was willing to dress up in sexy bikini, Linda said, “It depends. The advertisement has to be healthy and compatible with the image of the advertiser. It’s fine to put on a bikini.”

When asked if she would seek her boyfriend’s approval if her work required her to dress up sexily, Linda said, “I make my own decision when it comes to work. There is no need to account to anyone.”

Source: Ming Pao 

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