Linda Chung: “Does Wu Chun’s daughter look like me?”

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After knowing that her ‘long-lost brother’ Wu Chun has ascended to a father, Linda Chung immediately sent her blessings.

Linda and Wu Chun have often been told that they look alike due to their facial similarities. During the filming of Saving General Yang <忠烈杨家将>, Wu Chun was even told by his co-star, Raymond Lam that he resembled Linda.

When Linda and Wu Chun finally met up last year, the duo was also shocked about their resemblance and even took pictures together.

Upon knowing that Wu Chun has a daughter, Linda asked, “Does she look like me?”

Asked to comment about Wu Chun’s secret marriage, Linda said, “I will send a text message to him to congratulate him. It’s a happy thing as a friend has entered into the next phase of his life. Although he only disclosed his marriage a few years later, I think that the fans nowadays are more receptive towards their idols’ marriage. Besides, he has a strong sense of responsibility.”

Linda also urged the public to give more space to Wu Chun.

Source: Ming Pao 

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