Linda Chung launches new album ‘Love Love Love

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Taking a break from the music scene for two years, Linda Chung (钟嘉欣) finally launches her brand new Cantonese album Love Love Love.

Love Love Love is Linda’s fourth album and she hopes to give her fans a refreshing image. Often portraying a fragile and vulnerable woman in her dramas, Linda’s album concept will instead focus on happiness. Her dressing and image will emit vibrancy and liveliness. For the album cover, she even painted her nails with different colours and drew a heart-shaped on her hand to go along with the happiness theme.

Sharing that her outlook in life has changed, Linda said, “My mentality is more lively and carefree now. The change brings me more confidence and I am more cheerful too. I hope to bring to everyone the positive energy”.

Love Love Love will maintain Linda’s soothing love ballads which her fans are used to. Her album also coincides with her life experiences. When recording title Song Vaccine <预防针>, Linda was ill and her second title song You are my other half  reflects her love expectations.

Linda’s album will also record her drama Witness Insecurity theme song, The Happiness Thing <最幸福的事>. Witness Insecurity is TVB’s highest rating drama this year and Linda’s popularity soared after the airing of the drama.


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