Linda Chung: “We both love kids, boy or girl doesn’t matter”

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TVB actress Linda Chung shockingly announced that she got married end of last year, and will be holding a wedding banquet on February 27. Her husband, Jeremy Leung is a chiropractor based in Vancouver, and is the nephew of former TVB Chairman Norman Leung.

Reports said that Linda is currently 5 months’ pregnant. Although Linda did not confirm the pregnancy rumours, she dropped hints about her pregnancy, saying, “When the time is appropriate, I will share the good news with everyone.”

Currently in Canada preparing for her wedding, Linda accepted an interview from TVB Entertainment News and shared that she got to know her husband at a cafe through her older sister.

“Jeremy and I share similar values and we have compatible personalities. We like to communicate and always discuss things together. Jeremy is a very filial man, and he likes kids. He is very loyal too. I believe if I meet any situation in future, he will support me unconditionally.”

Linda also said, “We both love kids and the gender of our kids doesn’t matter, be it boy or girl. Most importantly, the baby is healthy.”

According to Hong Kong media, Linda’s wedding will be held at the Burnaby Riverway Clubhouse in Vancouver, with only family and close friends in attendance. Reports also said that Linda would announce her pregnancy at the wedding.


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