Lynn Hung admits breakup with Aaron Kwok

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While everyone was waiting for the wedding news of Aaron Kwok and Lynn Hung, the couple’s breakup news suddenly came about. Last year, the couple went for their ‘pre-honeymoon trip’ to Maldives in which Aaron was speculated to have proposed to Lynn. Earlier this year, Aaron was widely seen as her family’s son-in-law when he attended the funeral of Lynn’s father and stood at the front row during the wake.

Last month, Lynn made a high-profile appearance at Aaron’s concert with her then boyfriend openly declared his love for her in front of the fans.

Barely a month later, Lynn hinted her separation from Aaron when she posted a photo of a ring on her little finger. Attending an event today, the 32-year-old model declared officially that she had resumed her single status.

It’s a new beginning for Lynn

Asked if she had broken up with Aaron, Lynn replied, “Some things were better left in the past. It’s a fresh new beginning now.”

Responding if she is currently single, Lynn said, “Yes! I do not want to speak on things which were in the past. I am very happy with a new beginning.”

Is there a third party?

“I do not wish to hurt anyone. It’s already over and there is no need to dwell over it.”


Lynn on Christine, “Who should be crying first?” 

Yesterday, Christine Kuo broke down in tears when responding about her rumours with Aaron. Christine denied coming across the couple’s relationship.

When asked to respond on Christine’s emotional breakdown, Lynn said, “I do not know her and do not wish to respond. I do not know who should even be crying first.”

After speaking about it, Lynn’s eyes were getting teary.

The reporter then asked if she knew that Aaron had jumped to Christine’s defence and spoke up for her.

Lynn said, “I did not read the news. I do not know how to respond.”

Will you send them your blessings?

“I will not speak because firstly, I do not know that person. Secondly, I do not want to get myself involved unnecessarily.”

Do you feel heartbroken when he stepped in to defend Christine?

Lynn replied coldly, “I will not respond.”

Lynn also stressed that she did not pressed Aaron to get married and said that a wedding was not appropriate for a woman to initiate. She declined to respond if Aaron had suggested to tie the knot before.

Asked if Aaron had tried to salvage the relationship, Lynn’s eyes were red, “I am not responding.”

Are you able to let go of the 7 years relationship?

A teary eyed Lynn said,” A person still has to look forward. Some things still have to let go.”

Lynn expressed that she remained friends with Aaron and did not know if there was any chance of reconciliation in the future.

Aaron: “Some people are just not meant to possess”


In the evening today, Aaron posted a Buddhism doctrine on his Weibo, “Suffering and happiness are only one moment’s obsession. Some people and some things are just not meant to possess. A forced possession will only lead to suffering. Since it is so this way, it’s better to be magnanimous and let nature take its course.”

Is this a message for his ex-girlfriend?

Source: ihktv, Oriental Daily 

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