Lynn Hung has a new suitor

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After her high-profile breakup with Aaron Kwok, Lynn Hung seems to be ready to move on with her new life.

Recently, the 32-year-old model revealed that she now had a new suitor in her life and is in the process of understanding each other.

“We need more time to explore if our personalities are compatible. It must not be a moment of impulse and ends up wasting other’s time,” said Lynn.

After her heartbroken relationship with Hong Kong heavenly king, Lynn does not wish to date another man in the show business again. She shared that her new suitor was someone outside the showbiz and was a Chinese.

Asked if she would give her suitor a chance, Lynn said, “I am worried that the reports may cause some misunderstanding. It’s better to spend some time understanding each other before deciding.”

Talking about her ex-boyfriend, Lynn still had good words about Aaron, “He is a very good man, but our personalities are just not compatible.”

Source: Ming Pao

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