Lynn Hung’s father passed away

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Lynn Hung’s father passed away in Hong Kong a few days ago. Mr Hung was diagnosed with liver cancer last year and admitted into a Hong Kong hospital for treatment. During his course of treatment, Mr Hung’s condition improved and returned to his hometown at Nanjing for recuperation. There were reports that Lynn and his boyfriend, Aaron Kwok planned to get married to “flush away” the illness of Mr Hung. It is a Chinese custom to hold a joyous occasion such as a wedding to get rid of the bad luck surrounding a patient.

Towards the end of last year, Mr Hung’s condition suddenly worsened and Lynn immediately admitted her father into a Hong Kong hospital. Aaron, who was in Taipei performing in a New Year’s celebratory show reportedly rushed back to Hong Kong to visit Mr Hung.

Attending the wake as the status of  a”future son-in-law”, Aaron remained at Lynn’s side and comforted her and her family members. Mr Hung’s wake was held at a funeral parlor in Mongkok two days ago. Besides sending a condolence wreath, Aaron also accompanied Lynn throughout the memorial service. Lynn reportedly was grieving over his father’s death and was weeping continuously.

Mr Xiong’s funeral took place yesterday and there were six security officers guarding the area. Although Aaron has been keeping a low profile on his relationship, he stood at the front row as the status of a family member during the funeral, despite knowing that there were reporters. Aaron’s expression was sorrowful, and helped to comfort Lynn’s family and her relatives.

As Lynn is still emotional distress over the loss of her father, she reportedly will stop all her work for now to spend time with her family. Aaron’s high-profile appearance at the funeral is widely seen as giving a “Mrs Kwok” status to Lynn. With the departure of Mr Hung, it is regrettable that Mr Hung will not be able to see his daughter tying the knot with the heavenly king.


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