Mat Yeung and Lisa Ch’ng caught kissing on street

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After Mat Yeung and Lisa Ch’ng went public with their relationship, they have been a target for paparazzi.

Last Sunday, Lisa was seen having dinner with her friends. Mat, who was working in Shenzhen rushed back to meet his girlfriend. He did not even went home to put down his luggage, and hurriedly drove to meet Lisa. After the couple met, they glued to each other and walked into the restaurant.

After the meal, the group came out to chat, and Mat secretly gave Lisa a peck on her cheek. After the group dispersed, Mat held Lisa’s hand and suddenly kissed her on the lips!

A few days ago, Mat went to Kuala Lumpur for work, and Lisa whose hometown is in Malaysia, also accompanied him on the trip. Mat also took the chance to visit Lisa’s parents as well.

When asked if Mat had visited her parents, Lisa said, “While there is some time, everyone just met for a meal.”



Source:, Next Plus

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