Matthew Ko on why he leaves TVB: “I don’t want to continue playing a molester anymore”

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Matthew Ko finally decides to leave TVB after suffering an unlucky streak in his career for nine years.

In 2005, Matthew was the first winner of Mr. Hong Kong pageant and subsequently signed a eight-year contract with TVB.

Asked why he had decided to join TVB in the first place, Matthew said, “I liked watching TVB series when I was in Canada, and so I came to Hong Kong to join the Mr Hong Kong pageant. I thought I could fulfill my dream of becoming an actor and was so thrilled at that time when many people knew me. TVB offered me an attractive contract, so I signed an eight-year contract without even thinking about it.”

Matthew said that he was earning HK$15,000 monthly initially, and was offered several acting and hosting jobs. He thought that his chance had come when he was made a second lead actor in Man in Charge <幕後大老爺>. However, that seems to be the last opportunity offered to him.

“As my Mandarin is not that good, I had to grab the script and sleep with it. Although I had been working hard, I could not meet the producer’s expectations. In the end, many producers were afraid to use me.”

To improve his acting skills, Matthew even spent some money to hire a teacher to teach him acting. However, his workload continued to get lesser and lesser even though his acting had improved.

1410412273_3beaIn Matthew’s 5th year in TVB, his salary was frozen, and he was also asked to sign an additional year.

“My salary was HK$25,000 at that time. I wanted to continue staying in this industry, so I told the company that I did not need to be the lead actor. I hoped to progress slowly. Company said okay and so I signed the contract.”

Despite putting in efforts, Matthew was not given much opportunities and had to play minor roles, including offering many roles of a molester.

“I really don’t understand. I acted as a molester so many times. I even had to molest a granny in Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain <寒山潛龍> and attended a show talking about piles. I really did not want to do all these, but I had to fulfill my obligation as a contracted artiste.”

It was Matthew’s last day in TVB yesterday. He was seen leaving the TV station with a box, which consisted of photos, fans’ souvenirs and his personal belongings.

Matthew has a few agencies in Beijing approaching him, and he hopes to seek his breakthrough in China.

“I will relax in these two months. After this, I will reside to Beijing and start my career afresh.”


Source: Apple Daily 

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