Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao photographed kissing!

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Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao will be getting married soon after dating for 7 months.

Recently, Chen Xiao brought Michelle to his hometown in Hefei to meet his parents. The couple was photographed to be strolling in a park and caught kissing and hugging too!

The attentive Chen Xiao was seen removing his jacket and gave it to Michelle to wear. The lovebirds also visited a cemetery and paying respects to Chen Xiao’s ancestors.

After realizing that the paparazzi have published their photos, Chen Xiao posted an angry statement on his Weibo. He said, “I can forget about the other photos, but what’s there to photograph for tombstone. For the last bit, you also want to make earn money out of it? That is my grandmother!”

Many fans have supported Chen Xiao and criticized that the paparazzi was too much to take photos of the tombstone.

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Source: Ettoday, On.cc

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