Michelle Chen’s tearful love declaration to Chen Xiao

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Yesterday, Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao held their grand wedding at the Yanqi Lake in Beijing.

Early in the morning, the groom went to pick up his bride, and had to go through the gate-crashing games set by the bridesmaids, including using wasabi paste to brush teeth. When Chen Xiao could finally meet his bride, he knelt down and said to her lovingly, “I will take good care of my beloved wife.”

The couple then proceeded to a traditional tea ceremony.




Their outdoor wedding ceremony in the evening was almost cancelled due to the rainy weather yesterday. Luckily, the rain stopped in time, and Michelle had her wish fulfilled by making a fairytale entrance sailing on a boat on a misty lake.

Witnessed by the guests, Chen Xiao professed his love to Michelle and promised to love her forever. Michelle also said tearfully, “I have never thought that I would be so lucky in my life to meet someone I love most, and that I am able to get married someday. I will do my best to protect this happiness. Hubby, I love you.”

The couple had a long passionate kiss, and their blissfulness filled the air and warmed the hearts of the guests.



Michelle and Chen Xiao also met the press after the wedding. Although they declined to reveal the gender of their baby, they stressed that it was not a shotgun wedding for them.

Michelle said, “We did have plan to have a baby. The baby is the best gift given to us by god.”

Chen Xiao also added, “I proposed to Michelle on September 29 last year. We promised to tie the knot on the exact day this year. We registered for marriage on my birthday this year, so everything is within plan. However, the baby is really a happy surprise.”





Source: Apple Daily, On.cc

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  1. Yingtai Reply

    Michelle Chen is lucky to have Chen Xiao and that is amazing that they managed to get everything done for the wedding w on July 20, 2016. That was a great idea to have the traditional Chinese tea ceremony in Beijing with the parents there as well in the family photo. Chen Xiao is lucky to have Michelle Chen who appreciates having him in the right way. That is cool that her team of Asian Chinese bridesmaids and the friends of the groom got together to celebrate! It sounds like the marriage event indoors and outdoors on July 20th was a great success overall at Yangqi Lake in Beijing .

  2. Yingtai Reply

    What a beautiful Chinese traditional tea ceremony for their wedding in July! That beautiful Asian Chinese gown looks amazing on Michelle Chen who is a lovely bride! Chen Xiao is handsome and also, Xiao is wearing a cool and authentic light blue and purple traditional male gownl. The Chinese embroidery with the dragon (and phoenix or flowers) is a really good choice for the female’s gown and blouse/shirt.