Michelle Reis considers using surrogate to have a baby

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Hong Kong actress Michelle Reis recently revealed that she was eager to add on a girl in the family.

The 44-year-old gave birth to her son Jayden Max in 2011, and has always envied her friends with daughters. She said, “Maybe it’s easier to look after a girl. Boys are usually more active and like to run around. I have to chase after him till I am half dead. When I see others with their daughters, I find them very adorable.”

Michelle said that she had been prepared for a second baby and had frozen her eggs. Due to her age, she might not conceive the baby naturally, but ruled out on adopting a baby.

“I may consider using a surrogate. It’s better to have a child of our own genes. There are too many factors to consider when it comes to adoption.”

When asked if she would choose the baby’s gender, Michelle said: “I know modern technology is capable of anything, but we are not that extreme. My husband is more traditional. He feels it’s better to take care of the kids ourselves, so it can be very exhausting. I have to exercise regularly to keep up with my active son.”

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  1. Pansy H Reply

    Run around? She has six Filipino slaves who look after her son (what a ridiculous name – Jayden Max – so tacky). She also refuses to give her staff any days off and tests them like animals. An utterly appalling example of the bling bling cheap and tacky super rich, no class or manners whatsoever. Yuck.