Michelle Ye and Wallace Huo are dating?

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Michelle Ye and Wallace Huo are rumoured to be dating after the pair was caught behaving intimately at Hengdian.

Michelle and Wallace were photographed sharing an umbrella under the rain recently. Michelle was seen grabbing onto Wallace’s arm and walked into a pub together. After leaving the place, Wallace held on to Michelle’s shoulders tightly, for fear that she would get drenched in the rain.

The couple was later seen walking towards the same hotel.

Back in 2005, Wallace and Michelle were rumoured together after filming mainland martial arts drama, Tianxia Diyi <天下第一>. A production crew revealed that Wallace would specifically ask people to send in fresh crabs, upon knowing that they were Michelle’s favourite food. Michelle also influenced Wallace into liking small animals, and they adopted stray dogs together.

Wallace has since denied dating Michelle and stressed that they were just good friends.

He said, “It’s not a big deal to get photographed secretly. We are just old friends. I won’t wish to create any intentional publicity as this is not part of my job scope. Everyone knows that I am not willing to talk about relationship matters, but I need to respond today. Please do not speculate. If I have a confirmed relationship, I will announce it.”

Asked if he only confessed after he was photographed, Wallace said, “I won’t wait to get photographed by you guys. If I have found my other half, I will announce it graciously.”

Source: Sina  

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