Ming Dao suffered through extreme poverty; His mother: “I instructed him not to commit suicide”

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Taiwanese model-singer Ming Dao shot to fame after starring in The Prince Who Turns into a Frog <王子變青蛙>. He often acts as romantic and rich prince, but it turns out that he suffered from poverty when he was young.

Recently, the filial Ming Dao was photographed accompanying his mother to sell sweet potatoes at a market, and many reporters has also been interviewing his mother. Ming Dao’s mother revealed that her family had asked her not to sell at the market, but she insisted, saying, “There is no free lunch in this world.”

She also revealed that Ming Dao was a very sensible kid when he was young. Since 12, he would help her out at the market. At that time, they were struggling with day to day lives, and even buying a bowl of noodles which cost NT$60 was hardly affordable.

The young Ming Dao understood his family’s plight and would rather just order a plate of rice with just braised sauce during meal. Ming Dao’s mother broke into tears when she recalled Ming Dao’s sensibility when he was young, “His frugality made me heartache.”


When Ming Dao was 18, he borrowed more than NT$5 million from underground money lenders for his family to do business. After he entered into the showbiz, he worked hard to pay back the debts, and took on the responsibility of supporting his family.

In the past, Ming Dao was often troubled by money matters, and his mother instructed him then, “Do not commit suicide because of money!”

His former manager, Sun Derong also disclosed that he once lent NT$60,000 to Ming Dao help his family, and praised him for being able to endure hardship. Ming Dao now earns more than NT$500 million yearly, and he also does not forget to contribute to the society.

Source: Ettoday, Apple Daily

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