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Recently, Leehom Wang (王力宏) was spotted picking model, Evelyn Lin (林筱筠) to his home and the pair reportedly left his house 12 hours later.

Leehom was hounded by reporters when catching a flight to Shanghai yesterday morning. Getting annoyed with the reporter flashing his camera, Leehom questioned, “Which media are you from?”

The singer then used his hand to shield his face and his assistant used a passport to block the camera screen. The situation turned chaotic when his assistants went up and blocked the reporters from getting closer to Leehom.

Leehom’s manager clarified that Leehom was rushing to board a plane, and hence hurriedly proceeded to the boarding gate.

Yesterday morning, Leehom’s rumoured new love, Evelyn uploaded a picture of her newly painted red nails on Weibo and captioned, “My favourite red….” At the end of the sentence was four heart-shaped emoticons. Coincidentally, the word red in Chinese has the same pronunciation as Leehom’s last name, leading speculations if the model was declaring her love for Leehom.

The Taiwanese tabloids also claimed that the model already had her nail painted red the night when she was photographed heading to Leehom’s place.

Evelyn was the leading actress in Leehom’s music video, Hua Tian Cuo (花田錯) in 2005, and the model was also the former girlfriend of Taiwanese actor, Sunny Wang (王陽明).

Source: appledaily.com.tw

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