Moses and Aimee display affections at wedding banquet

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Moses Chan and Aimee Chan held a wedding banquet at Toronto, Canada yesterday.

The 42-year-old diamond bachelor tied the knot with 32-year-old Aimee at Paris last month. There was news that Aimee’s father was unhappy that she was married hastily and Moses immediately threw a wedding banquet to host his wife’s relatives at Toronto.

The 16 table banquet was held at Legend Chinese Restaurant in which Aimee’s father has a share in it. The dinner served exquisite food including abalones and lobsters and it reportedly cost HK$200,000!

Aimee, who is currently four months pregnant wore a low-cut halter dress and a 3-inch high heels shoes. The couple was beaming with joy while walking down the red carpet and graciously allowed the reporters to take their pictures.


At the wedding banquet, the celebrity couple locked lips several times on stage and off stage. While delivering her speech, Aimee was so emotional that she cried. Upon seeing tears rolling down from his wife’s face, Moses comforted her and kissed her again. When they were off stage, the blissful couple kissed again and Aimee was spotted touching her belly. It was like she wanted her baby to experience their joy too.

Aimee’s father also had praises for his son-in-law. He complimented Moses for being reliable and gentle and was elated to see that his daughter had found her happiness.

Besides the reporters, the restaurant was also surrounded by 20 over fans who wanted to catch a glimpse of the celebrity couple.

In order to minimise disruption to the guests, Moses and Aimee employed four security guards at their banquet. The curtain was drawn to prevent outsiders from peeking through the windows.

The couple was thoughtful and prepared drinks and food for the reporters. Each reporter also received a red packet of CAD$20 as a symbol of good luck.

After months of speculating the baby’s gender, Aimee reportedly is expecting a baby boy!

Sources said that during her prenatal check up, the doctor has advised Aimee that the gender of the baby is likely to be boy.

To prepare for his new family, Moses has also bought an over HK$30 million of villa for Aimee and the baby. Last month, he has also bought a HK$600,000 worth of recreational vehicle for easy convenience to his wife.



Source: Apple Daily

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