Moses and Aimee have plans for a third child

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Moses Chan and Aimee Chan welcomed their second child, Nathan Lucas on 26 February.

The couple met the press yesterday and shared details of the childbirth. Aimee revealed that she gave birth naturally and had contractions for 5 hours. Although the childbirth was considered fast this time, Aimee said that it was more painful than delivering her first child.

The newborn baby weighs 6 pounds 13 ounces and resembles his father, Moses. Aimee said, “I feel he looks like his daddy. He is a very handsome boy.”

The couple also shared on why they had named their baby Nathan Lucas Chan. Aimee said, “Nathan means a gift from god. Lucas means light, and we hope his life will shine brightly. We have not decided on his Chinese name yet.”

When asked if they still had any baby plans, Moses replied without hesitation, “Yes! I feel that a child is a gift from god. There is no reason to reject and it’s a joy having children. However, we have to take a break first. It’s too exhausting on Aimee.”

Aimee said that she still wished to continue filming dramas, but hopes to seek a balance between her career and family.

Aimee also shared her baby photos on her Weibo, and remarked, “Being a mother & birthing life is the most courageous and most memorable experiences of my life… and now our second Prince is born!”



Source: Ming Pao

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