Moses and Nancy win Best Actor and Best Supporting Actress at 17th Asian Television Awards

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Moses Chan (陳豪) and Nancy Wu (胡定欣) attended the 17th Asian Television Awards at Shangri-La hotel in Singapore two days ago.

Moses bagged the Best Actor in a Leading Role for his performance in When Heaven Burns <天與地>, whereas Nancy won the Best Actress in a Supporting role for her role in Gloves Come Off <拳王>.

At the celebration in Hong Kong yesterday, the duo was beamed with joy and could not contain their excitement. Asked if the award would boost his confidence of winning the TV King award at the upcoming TVB Anniversary Awards, Moses said, “I just face it normally. It’s not that important whether to have award or not”.

Moses also humbly gave credit to the good script and unique genre of When Heaven Burns for his win. Asked how his girlfriend, Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) would celebrate for him, Moses replied, “She is very happy for me. Actually, it is not necessary to celebrate”.

As Nancy had also won the Best Supporting Actress at the recent Astro Awards, she also wished for a third time at the TVB Anniversary Awards.

“I have confidence! It will be a good summary of my efforts in ten years of showbiz”.

Nancy also said that her boyfriend was exceptionally happy for her and had sent a text message to congratulate her.

Source: orientaldaily

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