Moses Chan praises his son: “A handsome boy!”

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Moses Chan and Aimee Chan welcomed their first baby on 4 December 2013. After giving birth, Aimee has shared the joyous news on her Weibo and uploaded two cute photos of her baby.

Yesterday, Moses attended a Christmas lighting event at a mall. It was also his first job after upgrading to the father status. Sharing excitedly about his newborn baby, Moses had nothing but praises for little baby.

“Everyone knows my baby has arrived, and it is my biggest Christmas present,” said Moses.

Moses said that the baby was named Aiden and he was born 6 pounds 11 ounces. He also shared that Aimee had a smooth delivery which lasted for six hours. Although he did not film the delivery process, Moses was giving support to Aimee during her labour.

“I was at her side during the process. It was very exhausting for her. It was not easy giving birth to a baby, but she was very strong and in good shape. The whole process was very smooth. I was very worried for her, but I could not do anything to help her. She depended on her own efforts.”

Moses described his special moment cutting his son’s umbilical cord. “The feeling was marvelous and touching. I did not cry as I was too nervous.”

Asked who the baby resembled more, Moses beamed with joy. “He resembled everyone and he is a handsome boy. He does not resemble me, but he is really handsome. Maybe I feel this way after being a daddy, but he is really very handsome. I am not kidding. He does not have my genes as I am not good looking. His mummy is very pretty.”

Moses shared that Aimee will be breastfeeding the baby and is now recuperating in hospital. It is not known if Aimee will resume her acting career, but Moses said he will support her decision as long as she can between balance family and work.

Asked if they had plans for a second baby, Moses said, “We will talk about that later. Let Aimee rest first. I would like to but it will be later.”

Source: Ming Pao 

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