Moses Chan traded two-year contract for TV King title?

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Rumour has it that Moses Chan (陳豪) has extended a two-year management contract with TVB in exchange for the Best Leading Actor award.

Although Raymond Lam (林峯) and Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) are hot favourites of the award, Moses reportedly intends to join in the fierce competition.

An inside source revealed, “Moses has always been passive about competing for awards. Since dating Aimee Chan (陳茵媺), he has been actively grabbing every opportunity that comes along. He does not wish to regret it in future. Although his contract with the company will only end in early 2014, he had already initiated to extend a 2-year contract. He did not request for any pay increment but his condition was to clinch the TV King award”.

At the last management meeting, all the executives did not oppose to letting Moses win the award as he was popular with the viewers. To ‘compensate’ to Raymond, it is reported that he would be given the My Favourite Male Character award instead.

Receiving news on the management decision, Raymond reportedly was disappointed and did not turn up for the group photo-taking session at the TVB 45th Anniversary gala celebration.

Shrugging off rumour that he had traded a contract for an award, Moses replied light-heartedly, “I didn’t extend the contract. Ha ha ha.. If so, inform me early. I can select a nice shirt and I can be happy earlier”.

Wayne also did not believe that the rumour is true. “There are so many actors extending their contracts annually. How many awards can they give? Signing a contract to exchange for an award is so unconvincing. However, the award ceremony in recent years have been successful in creating gossipy topics”.

Source: Oriental Sunday vol. 781, orientaldaily

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