Moses prepares for Aimee’s return

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At the Chow Tai Fook’s event yesterday, Moses Chan shared excitedly that his wife, Aimee Chan would be returning to Hong Kong soon.

“She is returning soon, but I can’t bring her back personally as I need to film a movie. She has her family with her and I will definitely pick her up from the airport. Will inform everyone when she is back, but she will be touching down at around 5 am,” said Moses.

Moses shared that his new house had completed the renovation and is now anticipating a new phase of his life.

“I am waiting excitedly for so many things. There are just too many happy occasions happening one after another. There is still some filming to be done for the new movie, but I will spend time with my wife too.”

When asked about the gender of his baby, Moses is still keeping it a secret.

“I can’t disclose yet. We will announce at the right time. We have picked a Christian name, but have not decided on the Chinese name yet.”

Recently, Aimee uploaded a picture of herself with a dog, and this caused worries for many fans as it is not advisable for a pregnant woman to get into contact with the animals.

Moses responded and said, “It’s her house pet and the family has been keeping it for so long. It’s a dog but if it’s a cat, then it’s better to keep a distance. She is aware and has not been getting too close to the dog.”

Moses further shared that Aimee is experiencing some tough moments in her pregnancy now and will often feel tired easily.

Asked if he would give her a massage to relief her leg cramps, Moses said, “Of course! I will learn how to cope with a new life and take care of my wife at the same time.”

Source: Ming Pao, Oriental Daily 

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