Myolie Wu’s new romance turns out to be a prank

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Myolie Wu shocked her fans when she posted on Weibo a photo of herself hugging a mysterious man and said, “I have found it.”

Shortly after, some netizens shared that they saw Myolie Wu and Johnson Lee acting intimately at the airport. Recently, Johnson was also spotted travelling to Korea with Myolie and her group of friends, Paisley Wu, Nancy Wu and Mandy Wong. This created a stir and many suspected that her new beau was Johnson.

Just when everyone thought that Myolie had found her Mr Right, she posted another message that read, “Sorry, you have been tricked!”

It turned out that the mysterious man was indeed Johnson, who ganged up with Myolie to trick her fans.

Netizens’ reactions were mixed. Some took it in a light-hearted manner, while some felt that Myolie’s prank was carrying out too far.

Knowing that she had offended her fans, Myolie apologised via her Weibo.

“Actually, ‘I have found’ a group of friends who I can share my happiness and sorrow with. It’s great to have you guys around! I have to thank all the netizens for your concern. I know you all love me very much. Johnson said I was too serious and I had to play sometimes. I promise you that I will not cheat on you again.”



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