Nancy Wu and musician boyfriend break up because of third party?

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Nancy Wu will be turning 35 soon. Recently, rumours have circled that Nancy had been dropping hints about marriage to her musician boyfriend, Terry Chan.

She was said to have taken her boyfriend to meet her friends and their husbands, and hoped to inspire him to start a family.

Although Nancy’s relationship with Terry looks promising, there are reports that said that Terry had been dating a 25-year-old dancer behind Nancy’s back. Nancy reportedly discovered flirtatious messages of Terry and the dancer, and also found out that Terry had often met up with her whenever she was working overtime or in overseas.

In a fit of anger, Nancy went with Mandy Wong and Paisley Wu to England to cool down and to heal her broken heart.


According to Hong Kong tabloids, the 25-year-old dancer is Alina who is also a part-time model. She was once the dancer to Alan Tam and Kelly Chen. Alina is also a contestant in this year’s ViuTV beauty pageant. An inside source revealed that Terry often introduced his musician friends to Alina.

A source also said that Terry and Nancy had broken up a few months ago due to incompatible personalities.

When Terry was contacted on his breakup rumours with Nancy, he did not deny and said, “I don’t want to talk about it. I wish to have some space for my private matters.”

On his relationship with Alina, Terry said, “We are mentor and mentee relationship. I watched her step into this industry. Sometimes, I will help her out in her work. It’s not what the reports said. I want to clarify on this matter.”


Source: Apple Daily HK

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