Nancy Wu wins TV Queen award by close margin

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2015 TVB Anniversary Awards has drawn 100,000 viewers to vote, and accumulated more than 580,000 votes!

The TV King and TV Queen were voted by the public and the TVB jury. It was a close fight among the nominees as the vote counts were very close. When the voting cut-off date drew near, there was a sudden jump in the number of votes.

According to Hong Kong media, Anthony Wong won the Best Leading Actor award by about 30,000 votes, beating his strong contender Ruco Chan by about 10,000 votes. Moses Chan took the third place.

For the Best Leading Actress award, it was a close fight between Nancy Wu and Kristal Tin. Nancy won by 20,000 votes, beating Kristal by only 2,000 votes. Liza Wang took the third place.

The TVB jury reportedly could not reach an unanimous decision on the TV King and TV Queen. After several discussions, the jury decided to base the results on the viewers’ votes.



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  1. Roland Wee Reply

    Liza should be contented to give space for the younger actress., well done.,