Netizens furious over Leehom Wang’s post

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Many netizens are angry and upset over Leehom Wang’s post on the Weibo.

Recently, Leehom uploaded a cheery picture of himself with shades and displaying a victory hand sign on his micro-blog. He captioned the photo, saying, “Taking chinked-out to the whole world. Going to New York for a show tomorrow!”

His unintentional statement is found to be offensive by netizens. Some are outraged and responded, “Return to your United States!”

The word “chink” is predominately considered a racist term, referring to the Chinese ethnicity.

Leehom’s agency has since clarified that the word “chinked-out” is a past tense and means that the era where Chinese were being discriminated is over. His agency also call for the public not to misinterpret the meaning of the word.

“That word is just a lyric of a song. Please do not magnify the term,” said a spokesperson of Leehom’s agency.

“Chink-out” is part of the lyrics of Leehom’s song, Heroes of Earth <盖世英雄>, reflecting that the Chinese pop music is progressing into the world.

Leehom’s fans have jumped in to support their idol.

A fan wrote, “Do not misinterpret the words. Leehom has explained the meaning. There is no point to flame up this thing? ”

Another fan said, “Keep it going, Leehom! We have all witnessed how you have contributed to the Chinese pop music.”

Source: Yes Entertainment 

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  1. Rose Reply

    after all Leehom has done for chinese people! how come they believe he is being racist towards them? Bull°°°°!!!!!

  2. Guy Reply

    Obviously the people who were offended were not familiar with Wang Leehom.

  3. Gina Reply

    I thought Chinked-out was pretty much known for a new genre of chinese music created by Leehom