Netizens mock G.E.M. Tang for having “3 seconds memory”

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G.E.M. Tang has concentrated her singing career in China in the recent two years. Having been away from Hong Kong for too long, G.E.M. found everything at home to be refreshing even if it was just taking the subway.

Recently, she posted a message on her micro-blog, “This is my first time taking the subway after it was renamed to Hong Kong Railway. Haha. I am so excited!”

Her post has been doubted by the netizens, who pointed that the subway had changed its name 7 years ago, and it is unlikely that G.E.M. have not taken the subway for such a long time.

One netizen said that G.E.M. and her sister were spotted taking the subway last year, and mocked her for having “three seconds memory”.

Some netizens also thought that G.E.M.’s post was too exaggerating, and deliberately creating attention.

After receiving the criticisms, G.E.M. eventually amended her post and wrote, “It’s been a long time since I took the subway. Haha. I am so excited!”

Source: Ming Pao

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