Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu releases more wedding photos!

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Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu will be walking down the aisle on March 20 in Bali. Last week, the couple released their wedding photos taken in New Zealand.

Today, Nicky and Cecilia shared more cool wedding photos, and one of it is a kissing photo!

A series of photos were taken on a steamship, and some were taken on a cliff. A suave Nicky also took a photo in a helicopter.

In an earlier interview, Nicky said that his wedding had “unlimited budget”, and he declined any red packets from his guests.

Cecilia’s wedding gown reportedly costs RMB 3 million, and her wedding band costs RMB 12 million! For the wedding decorations, 6 helicopters had to be rented to transport 400,000 flowers to the venue!

Yesterday evening, Nicky and Cecilia appeared at the Shanghai airport, preparing to depart to Bali for their wedding. They even distributed wedding sweets to the reporters at the airport.







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