Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu to wed after Chinese new year

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According to media report, Nicky Wu, 45 and Cecilia Liu, 28 will tie the knot after the Chinese new year!

The couple obtained their marriage certificates in January last year. Earlier, Nicky also disclosed that they would hold the wedding in the first half of 2016.

Although Nicky declined to reveal their wedding venue, he shared that his favourite cities were Beijing, Hong Kong, Paris and Tokyo. Since Cecilia comes from Beijing, it is very likely that they will hold their wedding in Beijing.

Recently, Nicky and Cecilia shot some sweet and cute cover photos for a magazine. During the interview, Cecilia also disclosed a funny incident when she asked Nicky to buy cosmetics for her.


When Nicky went to a shopping mall, he could not get the brand which Cecilia had requested. So, he sent a voice message to Cecilia, but she did not reply. When Nicky saw that the shoppers in the mall were starting to recognise him, and kept taking photos of him, he panicked and kept walking in circles.

A netizen also posted a photo of Nicky in the mall, looking lost and walked in more than 10 circles. Although Cecilia finally responded to Nicky’s message after some time, he was not angry at all, and still helped her to buy the cosmetic.

Many netizens have also praised Nicky for being such a good and patient husband.





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