Nicky Wu: Cecilia is the leader at home!

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Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu got married at Bali on March 20, 2016.

Recently, the newly-wed couple made a public appearance together at Beijing and walked hand-in-hand at the event.

When asked if they would collaborate again in dramas, Nicky smiled and said they had not considered yet. He jokingly said, “My wife is too popular and it’s very difficult to coordinate her schedule.”

He also said, “I have to see if my wife is happy or not. Cecilia is the leader at home!”

Nicky’s wedding has reunited Little Tigers, and fans are looking forward to their reunion on stage too. Julian Chen will be holding a concert on May 21, and Alec Su has indicated that he would surely be there. It now depends if Nicky is able to attend the concert.

If it is confirmed, we will see Little Tigers reunited on May 21!



Source: Ettoday

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