Nicky Wu: Cecilia Liu has the final say to the wedding

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Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu obtained their marriage certificates in January this year. However, the couple has yet to take their wedding pictures and hold their wedding banquet.

Nicky, who promoted his new drama The Legend of Zu <蜀山戰紀之劍俠傳奇> was asked about his wedding banquet.

Nicky said, “She [referring to Cecilia) has the final say to this kind of thing. We are both very busy at work but we will surely hold it. As to when and what kind of format, I feel it’s more important for the girls.”

Nicky also has full of praises of Cecilia, and describes her as a simple and filial girl, who does not have much desires for material things.

“She is not those who splurges on branded clothes and bags. She can be very happy, just spending 10 bucks on online shopping, but she has her own thinking at work. She has passion about her work, and offers me many advice. For example, she would recommend me good actors.”

Nicky shared that the most romantic thing which he and Cecilia shared was to coordinate their time together.

“We would try to arrange to spend time together. We respect each other’s work and I think that mutual trust and understanding  are most romantic. To adjust my time for her is the biggest change for me after marriage. I would chat with my friends during my free time in the past, but now, I rather use the time to visit her at filmset.”

Source: Apple Daily

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