Nicky Wu has a new love?

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Recently, Nicky Wu was spotted behaving intimately with his co-star, Shirley Dai (戴嬌倩) in The Bride With White Hair <新白发魔女传>. It sparked speculations if the 42-year-old actor-singer had a new love.

Tabloids claimed that Nicky and the mainland actress were entering into a 5-star hotel in Beijing and seemed to attend a gala event together. Nicky was photographed holding Shirley’s hand and then rested his hand on her waist.

Although there were others around, the couple allegedly was comfortable about displaying their affections in front of friends. Shirley reportedly held his arms and later turned to holding Nicky’s hand.

While filming The Bride With White Hair, Nicky was also rumoured with another co-star, Ma Su (馬蘇). The onscreen couple was sighted shopping in the night markets together. It was only when Ma Su’s 10-year boyfriend spoke up that their relationship was stable that it put a stop to the rife rumours.

Source: ettoday 

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