Niki Chow extorted by paparazzi over photos with boyfriend

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1Niki Chow and mainland actor, Jeremy Xu have been dating for six months. Although they have opened up on their relationship, the couple remains low-profile about their love life.

Last week, Niki’s manager Marianne Wang surprisingly uploaded on Weibo a few photos of Niki and her boyfriend. It turned out that Niki had been extorted by the Chinese paparazzi over these photos.

During a birthday celebration for a friend in Shanghai last Friday, a reporter managed to sneak into the restaurant and took photos of Niki and Jeremy. As her birthday friend did not want the photos to be published, Niki’s manager Marianne offered to pay RMB 2,000 to retrieve the photos. The paparazzi became greedy and asked for RMB 80,000 instead!

Marianne said, “That reporter has no professional ethics. He even took out his iPad and showed me the artistes he had shot. He said that these people had paid and bought back all the photos. When I said I won’t pay a single cent. he cut the fee from $80,000 to $20,000!”

As Niki felt that those photos are open and above board, they decided to upload the photos to stop the reporter from further extortion.

Niki and Jeremy first met while filming The Virtuous Queen of Han <大漢賢后衛子夫>. In August, report surfaced that Jeremy had gone over to Niki’s house to celebrate her birthday. After that, Niki even released a statement to defend her boyfriend. There were also rumours that Jeremy had proposed to Niki.

Dating Kevin Cheng for five years, Niki has never admitted this relationship. Subsequently, Niki also kept a low-profile approach when she was photographed dating businessman, Eric Cheuk. Although Jeremy is five years younger than Niki, she feels that he is mature and stable.

During the TVB Anniversary Awards, Niki admitted her relationship with Jeremy and said, “Although many people say that women do not need bread after falling in love, but I do like bread too.”


Source: HK Channel 

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