On bad terms? Selena Li did not post group photo with Sisley Choi

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Selena Li and Sisley Choi were rumoured to have fallen out due to screentime in Presumed Accidents <純熟意外>.

Earlier, Hong Kong media reported that Selena was unhappy that she was overshadowed by newcomer Sisley, who took the leading role in Presumed Accidents. 

A few days ago, the cast gathered for a meal to watch the final episode together. However, Sisley and Selena were said to have no interaction during the meal.

When Selena posted a group photo with the cast of Presumed Accidents, Sisley was noticeably missing from the photo.  When asked if their discord rumours were true, Selena denied.

She said, “We are not on bad terms. Please do not think too much. At that time, Sisley and Winki Lai walked away for an interview. Besides, this photo was taken by Lai Lok-yi, not me. I won’t comment much, but I hope the discord rumours between us will end with the final episode!”


Source: Apple Daily HK

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