Owodog slams Eric Tsang’s agency for pocketing his commissions

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LOLLIPOP@F’s Owodog was sued by Eric Tsang’s management agency, Team Power Entertainment for unilaterally terminated his contract. 

Yesterday, Owodog issued an official statement, stating that Team Power Entertainment had secretly pocketed commissions from his engagements. He wrote, “I can’t work with a dishonest company.”

Owodog clarified that his contract was signed directly with his Taiwanese agency, Team Power Entertainment and not with Eric Tsang. He also revealed that he had written a letter to Eric last month to inform him of his current situation, and had hoped that the veteran actor could assist to solve the matter. However, Eric did not respond to him.

Owodog also said that he had been trying to solve the issue with Team Power Entertainment amicably, but the other party refused to communicate with him.

In his statement, Owodog said, “Team Power Entertainment has used improper way to secretly pocket the commissions, and it caused an misunderstanding between me and the referral person.”

Owodog said that his discovery of their “dishonest activities” had caused him to lose faith in the company. Owodog also said that he had the right to unilaterally terminate his contract. He denied that he had declined 13 jobs and caused the agency to lose more than NT$50 million.

Lastly, Owodog also revealed that his statement was targeted at his Team Power Entertainment, and not Eric. He said that he still had great respect for the veteran actor.

Source: Ettoday

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