Patty Hou is two months pregnant

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Taiwanese host, Patty Hou is two months pregnant.

Patty was married to her banker husband, Ken Huang in Bali in 2011. In order to try for a horse baby, Patty had been conditioning her body with Chinese herbs, and had been exercising actively.

Patty has cut down on her workload since pregnant. On days when she is not required to work, she will stay at home and at times, meet her friends for a meal. Her appetite has increased so much that she can now gobble 15 avocado sushi at one time.

After her pregnancy, four advertisers have knocked on her doors. Her baby reportedly has made her NT$20 million richer. She is also offered new hosting jobs and easily pockets NT$600,000 per month.

Patty is expected to give birth in October this year.

Source: Apple Daily 

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