Peter Ho announces marriage with long-time girlfriend

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Peter Ho has always kept a low-profile on his love life. Last year, his girlfriend of 8 years, Peggy was being photographed with him.

Yesterday, the 40-year-old Taiwanese-American singer suddenly announced his marriage on his Weibo, “A year from today will be my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary, and my first wedding anniversary.”

He also posted a back view photo of him wrapping his arms around his wife’s shoulders, and said, “Posting wedding rings is no longer trendy. It’s more meaningful to post wedding bracelets personally designed by my wife.”

Last night, the couple was interviewed outside Peter’s apartment and Peggy looked very nervous facing the reporters for the first time. She said, “This is my first time and it feels scary. I’m sorry.”

When asked how many kids they would like to have, Peggy laughed and said, “Six.”

Peter also said that they might go to the Green Island or Taiwan’s Penghu Island for their honeymoon.

Peter and Peggy got to know each other in 2008 at a nightspot. Peggy was working at a departmental store at that time, and her bubbly personality attracted Peter. Due to Peter’s career, the couple had to keep their relationship underground for years.

According to Peter’s manager, the couple registered for marriage yesterday afternoon. Peter will have to jet off to China for work after a week. They will hold their wedding banquet by end of this year.

PeterHo2Source: Apple Daily

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