Peter Ho spotted with girlfriend

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Taiwanese-American singer and actor, Peter Ho was at the Raohe Street Night Market, Taipei with his friends a few days ago. Peter was seen to have close interaction with a lady throughout the meal.

Besides sticking close to her, Peter even served food to the lady and whispered into each other’s ears. After the meal, the group of friends headed to Peter’s house.

Taiwanese media has identified the lady as Peter’s girlfriend, Peggy. Their relationship was exposed in 2009, when the couple had dated for two years. Since then, Peter has been keeping his relationship low-profile and would only occasionally take her to friends’ gathering.

When asked about his relationship with Peggy, Peter said, “We are very good friends who can talk anything.”

Although Peter did not admit to their relationship, he let on that Peggy had met his parents. “My dad know my friends. Many friends will come over to my house during the new year.”

Peter also sung praises of Peggy saying that she is kind and filial.


Source: Sina 

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