Peter Ho spotted with mysterious girlfriend on his 40th birthday

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Peter Ho has been rumoured with his 8 years girlfriend, Peggy. For years, Peter has rarely spoken about his love life, as he wishes to protect his other half. Even his manager has not met his girlfriend before.

Last year, the paparazzi managed to snap a photo of Peter and Peggy while they were on a date. Although Peggy was not seen at Peter’s birthday celebration yesterday, she was spotted to be supporting Peter at a basketball game.

Two nights ago, Peter and Dylan Kuo were seen at a basketball court. Standing behind them was a petite girl with ponytail, who was recognised by the media as Peggy. Peggy was rooting for Peter during the game and had her eyes fixated on Peter.

When asked on his relationship with Peggy, Peter said, “We are very very very good friends.”

He also urged the reporters to select a nicer photo for his “very very very good friend”. It looks like Peggy was not an ordinary friend to him.

Earlier, Peter said that he would get married at the age of 40. On last year’s Father’s Day, Peter also promised his dad that he would have a family within 2 years.

When asked two months ago if he had secretly married, Peter denied and said that he wished to separate his love life with his career.

Asked if he had decided to break his promise to get married at 40, Peter said, “I am still 40 this year.”

Looks like we could be expecting wedding bells ringing anytime for Peter.

Source: Apple Daily

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