Prince feels at ease with Rainie’s presence

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Although Rainie Yang was still grieving over her father’s death, she turned up two days ago at JPM’s concert.

Rainie and JPM’s Prince are rumoured to be dating. Although the pair has denied their relationship, they were seen together for numerous times. At the beginning of this year, Rainie and Prince were caught vacationing together at Hawaii.

At the concert, Prince performed a song by Rainie, Take Me Away <帶我走> when she showed up at JPM’s concert. When asked if he felt nervous about Rainie’s presence, Prince said, “I felt more at ease with her around.”

JPM’s members also flaunted their well-toned body. Responding if Rainie has seen his muscles, Prince replied vaguely, “Rainie’s support and her congratulatory flowers are the best blessings. It’s not convenient to disclose the rest.”

Source: Apple Daily 

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