Prince on dating rumours with Rainie Yang: “We are normal friends”

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After romance of JPM’s Prince and Rainie Yang surfaced at their Hawaii vacation, fans from both camps have engaged into a series of heated exchanges online. Both sides have blasted the other camp for “not being good enough” for their idols.

Facing the intense pressure, the two pop stars have urged their fans to calm down. Rainie wrote on her Weibo, “Please be a silent audience and a reader, for my sake. Do you understand? I believe that some people will understand”.

Prince also urged his fans to cool down and stop attacking at one other. He wrote on his Weibo, “I know that all of you are protecting me, but please do not attack one another. I do not hope that you will be misinterpreted by the media. We are normal friends. Take it easy and be good!”

Days ago, Rainie and Prince were also seen at a cafe in Hawaii. Prince was carrying two big shopping bags, whereas Rainie just sat and watched him.

Responding to the couple’s dating rumours, Rainie’s manager said, “Both are only friends. They have gone with a group of friends to Hawaii”.

Asked if Prince was assisting Rainie with her shopping bags, JPM’s manager replied, “He is very gracious. Those are all souvenirs which he bought for his colleagues”.

Source: Sina 

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  1. rosemaryong Reply

    Rainie & her Prince Casaba? Cute! [ Errrr…what happened to Jiro? ]

    Good for Prince & Rainie! Stick to one another! Don’t ever part! If their fans really care for them, they should respect them! It is after all their private lives!