Puff Guo once received RMB 2 million offer for escort service

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Recently, Taiwanese media reported that an international prostitution ring that allegedly involved 38 female celebrities was undergoing investigation. 

Next Magazine has published the initials of the celebrities which was said to be involved, and this sparks a guessing game of who the celebrities are.

Rumour also said that Dream Girls’ Puff Guo had also received invitation to provide such escort service.

According to Puff’s manager, someone did initiate a RMB 2 million offer for any member of the Dream Girls to accompany an official on a business trip to China. Puff immediately rejected the job, as no job details were provided.

She told her manager, “It’s absurd. How can it be a normal job?”

Earlier, Puff was also rumoured to be frozen by her agency. Attending an event, Puff clarified, “I was injured, so I was recuperating at home. My agency did not freeze me, and I am very grateful to them. Please do not speculate.”

Rumours also said that Puff and other Dream Girls’ members, Emily Song and Tia Lee did not get along well, and they have not contact each other for 4 months.

Responding on the rumours, Puff said, “I am not the kind person who will take the initiative to contact, and all my friends know it.”

Source: Sina

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