Puff Kuo condemned by agency?

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Taiwanese girl group, Dream Girls is in the spotlight recently after Emily Song disclosed that she was ostracized by their manager, Elsa for 3 years. Elsa is also being accused of favouring Puff Kuo more than other two members.

Dream Girls is established for 4 years. Puff’s commercial fee is 10 times more than Emily, and twice more than Tia Li.

According to Taiwanese tabloids, Dream Girls’ agency, Dorian reportedly is unhappy with Puff for turning arrogant after her popularity grew. Dorian has also got wind that Elsa is planning to join another agency, and will take Puff with her to the new agency.

The management of Dorian reportedly granted permission to Emily to post her criticisms on Elsa on her social media, and they also wanted to damage Puff’s reputation before she leaves the company.

Puff has burst into tears after being thrust in a bad light since the discord rumours of Dream Girls surfaced. On the other hand, Elsa has also dismissed the rumours, saying that she did not negotiate with any new agency.


Source: Ettoday

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