Rachel Lee admits using botox twice

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After starring in TVB new drama, Never Dance Alone <女人俱樂部>, 48-year-old Rachel Lee was being suspected of injecting Botox to maintain her youthful looks.

Many netizens have speculated that she had over-injected Botox into her face after displaying a stiff and expressionless face on TV, which affected her acting skills.

While promoting her new drama yesterday, Rachel graciously admitted undergoing Botox injections twice to slim down her face.

“I did use it to slim my face, but dared not try others. I already stopped injecting it during the filming for fear that my face would look too thin and depress, affecting my acting,” said Rachel.

Rachel also understood that she could not rely on Botox to slim her face, and she would eventually need to exercise more to slim down.

Meanwhile, other report also stated that Rachel’s daughter had disapproved her marriage with her boyfriend. Rachel admitted that her daughter did not get along well with her boyfriend.

“Maybe she is in her rebellious stage right now. Anyway, I do not have any marriage plans now. Work is still my priority.” said Rachel.

Source: Ming Pao 

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