Rainie Yang denied romance with JPM’s prince

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Yesterday, Rainie Yang held her autograph session for her upcoming concert at the Taipei Arena in March. The event was attended by thousands of fans and the organiser even gave away a travelling package to a Europe’s castle.

In order to train up her stamina for her concert, Rainie was specifically trained up by two hunky men on stage. She was lifted by two muscular men who taught her to train up with the dumbbell. The cutesy singer accidentally touched their muscles when she lifted the dumbbell and said, “Your muscles are so filling that they are going to touch my throat!”

Rainie also candidly shared that her cup size had shrunk after she was down with a flu and fever recently. She grumbled, “Initially, I can squeeze some flesh into my bra. There isn’t a need now; just put on my bra will do!”

JPM’s Prince is actively training up his body lately. Has Rainie seen his newly trained muscles? A blushed Rainie replied, “I have not seen. This is good for him as long as he is happy”.

Asked if she will go to the Europe castle to hunt for her ‘prince’, Rainie replied coldly, “Why is it that I must go to the castle to look for a prince?”

Earlier, JPM’s Prince reportedly was sighted to visit Rainie’s house and the pair reportedly spent nine hours overnight. Romantic rumours thus arose between Rainie and her 5 years junior, Prince. Responding to the rumours, Rainie replied firmly that she and Prince were only good friends. She had no intention for a flash wedding at this moment.

Source: appledaily.com.tw 

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