Rainie Yang films kissing scene with Stephen Fung

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Rainie Yang has invited Hong Kong actor-director, Stephen Fung to star in her upcoming MV, Bravery is good <勇敢很好>.

Although the MV only lasts for five minutes, it takes 48 hours to film the video and all 60 production crew including Rainie and Stephen had to sacrifice their sleep for two days. Even director Fung exclaimed, “This MV is just like a movie!”

The MV has a rich story which encompasses kissing, crying, fighting and suicidal scenes. While filming for a scene in which Stephen attempted to commit suicide, Rainie exerted too much strength hugging him from the back that her cheeks brushed hard on Stephen’s back. It resulted in 20 outtakes.

While filming a kissing scene with Stephen, Rainie was extremely nervous. Stephen tried to liven up the atmosphere and said jokingly, “Director, do not adjust the lighting. We just start now!”, “I am not rushing to take a flight, just film this scene longer.”

The director even teased Stephen, “I help you to arrange the kissing scene. $3,000 please.”

Stephen replied, “Do you accept credit card?”

All the jokes helped to soothe Rainie’s nervousness and she wondered, “My kiss is only worth $3,000?”

On the last day of filming, Rainie also prepared a cake to celebrate Stephen’s birthday which had fallen on 9 August. Stephen sent his birthday wish to Rainie, “I hope that your Angel Wings album sell well!”



Watch Rainie’s new MV here – Bravery is good <勇敢很好>

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