Rainie Yang mourns her father’s death

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Rainie Yang broke down at her Shanghai concert two nights ago while revealing the death of her father.

Rainie reportedly does not have a close relationship with her father. Her parents were divorced when she was 13 and she ended up growing up with her mother and sister. After her father’s business failure, Rainie had to shoulder the debts and spent seven years to clear his debts.

During her past interviews, the 29-year-old revealed that her father was particularly strict with her. When she argued with her mother or ate with a sound, her father would throw chopsticks or slippers at her. Rainie also shared that due to her ugliness when she was a child, her father often labelled her as “bad luck”.

However, Rainie bear no grudges towards her father and said, “He (father) said the bad luck was caused by my constant crying. When I tried to get close to him, he would give me the cold shoulder and even scolded me for being ugly. I can understand! I was really quite awful looking when I was young.”

Although Rainie has not met his father for seven years, she was clearly devastated upon hearing that her father had passed away from a heart attack and cried during her concert rehearsals.

Towards the end of her concert, Rainie unleashed her grief on the stage. Weeping in front of thousands of fans, Rainie said, “I couldn’t cope when I heard about my father’s death a few days before the concert.”

“Besides thanking my mum, I have to thank my dad too. When I heard of his demise, I couldn’t even sing during the rehearsals.”

Rainie will not disclose the funeral details as she hopes to keep it low profile. After her concert, Rainie will be taking a break from work to manage her father’s funeral with her sister.


Source: Apple Daily 

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