Rainie Yang suffers from nervous system disorder

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At an interview in Hong Kong recently, Taiwanese pop singer, Rainie Yang (杨丞琳) confessed to suffering from compulsive eating disorder in the past. She also revealed that she was down with a nervous system disorder, in which her body will turn red.

Rainie revealed that she used to gorge herself with food after fallen out of love. However, she had since recovered from the disorder and vowed not to hurt herself again.

Talking about her new album, in which she hoped to be an inspiration to many, Rainie said, “A song in my new album called ‘Forget it’ is to teach everyone how to deal with love, forget about unhappy experiences and re-love ourselves again.”

Rainie also disclosed that she has suffered from a strange illness. “I suffered from nervous system disorder. When I get very agitated and emotional, my whole body will turn red like a prawn. It can be treated but it will be dangerous to go for a surgery. Hence, I decided not to go for an operation.”

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Source: et.21.cn

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