Raymond Lam and Kenneth Ma racing for TV King Title

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TVB hit drama, “Three Kingdoms RPG”  has pushed up the popularity of Kenneth Ma (馬國明) who plays a comical character and even steals the attention of his co-star, Raymond Lam (林峰). In the coming TVB anniversary awards, it is likely that the TV King title will be voted by the public. As such, Kenneth and Raymond stand good chances for the coveted title.

Yesterday, the cast of the drama attended a celebratory dinner. Asked if he was confident of winning the TV King title, Kenneth replied, “I treat it with a normal mentality! I am more enthusiastic about earning money!”

On the other hand, Raymond was more confident than Kenneth. Asked if the public voting will help him, Raymond said, “My confidence level increases slightly. This voting system is quite good as it can attract the viewers’ attention. When viewers are more, the ratings will increase too.”

Source: ihktv

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